Htaccess Redirect Generator

1. Select redirect type

2. Enter your domain name

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g.

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

About Htaccess Redirect Generator

Htaccess Redirect Generator is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is to get in the appropriate websites in the old URL path and also the new URL path websites for an htaccess redirect 301. I figured out the simplest way to get this done is to create Excel data with at most dual columns. Area the old pages in the initial column and the new web pages in the next column. After that just copy and also paste the cells into the form listed below as well as produce your htaccess redirect 301 code.

Just how to make use of the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool?

You merely require to enter the course for every single web page rather than the total LINK. e.g. about-us. htm. Simply using courses means the regulations made are domain-independent. If you enter the full LINK the code made will certainly additionally consider the domain. In this manner, you can have the regulation only get in touch with an individual domain name or have the rerouting switch to one more domain name.

Htaccess Redirect Generator is a completely cost-free tool that helps creates strong ht-access data and. Htaccess Redirect Generator structure criteria for a web server such as apache is, etc. you don't need to learn about mod_rewrite before you use this free Htaccess Redirect Generator. All you need to do is to recognize the htaccess command you will require and also utilize the correct execution over to create it. Generation of. access personalized 404 web pages, 401, 402, 403, 501, mistake pages are htaccess as well as easy redirects and password phrase structure parameters generation is straightforward.

The Htaccess Redirect is a tiny message record that usually rests on top of your server in the same place as your index.php or.htm web pages. This provides you the ability to link to Apache and control directories or domain names n your internet server on a domain-to-domain as well as a directory-to-directory basis.

Where to put the created code?

Htaccess files are placed in the major of your internet server or potentially any kind of directory site in the web server that you want to offer specific control regulations. Where you would like to control the flow of visitors in a web server you want to safeguard directories and also reroute the web traffic seeing those pages.

Is htaccess redirection necessary for SEO?

Creating these RewriteRules can be irritating and error-prone manually. Htaccess Redirect Generator tool will produce the guidelines for you.

Exactly how does It work?

Enter your old web page to new web pages after that click the create button. Replicate the resulting code into the. htaccess data then click or refresh the ur web page to begin to see the website is redirecting needlessly to say as well as if it's not rerouting needlessly to examine the page u got in.

Htaccess tools provided on this website are cost-free to make use of at your own discernment, if you transform this material of your ht-access data as well as discover a 500 error, eliminate the last code included in fix the situation simply.

Using Htaccess Redirect Generator you can additionally generate codes to block negative crawler IP or an individual is that is harming your site. Htaccess Redirect Generator tool might be made use of to produce code for Turning documents caching, picture caching, site compression is very easy.

Just how to make use of the FreeSEOtools4you Htaccess Redirect Generator tool?

FreeSEOtools4you Htaccess Redirect Generator tool is one of the most preferred and complimentary to make use of a tool that allows you to create code for managing redirection. There are 4 simple steps to produce Htaccess Redirect Generator for your site.


Step #1: Select redirect type

 a) Redirect from www to non-www  
 b) Redirect from non-www to www  


Step #2: Enter your domain or website homepage URL.



Step #3: Get your code


  Click on Get Ht-access Code


Step #4: Copy Code to And Paste it to your .htaccess file

Copy your generated code & paste it to your .htaccess file under "RewriteEngine On".